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Learn to Swim

at the Kelowna Family Y or H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre

Swimming is a life skill, and knowing how to swim makes it possible to safely enjoy pools, water parks and the outdoors. Quality swim lessons are taught by certified YMCA swim instructors who create a fun and caring learning environment. Students learn fundamental swimming skills, while fostering a life-long appreciation for physical activity and fitness through swimming.

Summer swim lesson registration opens on June 23 for members and June 28 for the public. 

Levels and Registration
Parent & Tot (3 months–3 years)

Learn fun water play together!

Introduce your child to the water where they will explore buoyancy (floating on backs and front) and movement (splashing with arms and legs) in a safe environment. As your child grows more comfortable in the water, they can try new movements such as holding on to the wall, kicking feet and blowing bubbles.

Parent and Tot lessons require active parent participation throughout the class, so please come with a bathing suit on and shower with soap and water before entering the pool.

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Preschool Levels (Ages 3–5)

Your preschooler will learn to be confident in the water through fun challenges.

These levels may require parent participation, so please come "prepared to get wet" with a bathing suit on and shower with soap and water before entering the pool area.


We continue to introduce fun activities in the water to activate the movements that will eventually lead to swimming. By the end, your child will be comfortable having their face in the water, and will have learned basic movements while being supported.

Register for Bobbers


We introduce floating and gliding, and continue to practice other movements. Through structured activities and play, children will also become comfortable submerging themselves under water.

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Children will combine kicking with gliding to learn how to propel themselves through the water.

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Children will combine all the skills they have learned so far to swim on their front and back unaided for a distance of 10 metres. Your child will also learn to jump into, and float in, deep water unassisted.

Register for Divers


We'll continue to help your child develop front and back swimming skills and build up to a distance of 15 metres. And now that your child is comfortable jumping into the water, we'll work on some creative, fun entries.

Register for Surfers


We'll introduce the front and back crawl as well as underwater swimming. Children at this level will have achieved a foundation of swimming skills and be able to front swim a distance of 25 metres.

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Learn to Swim Levels (Ages 6–13)

These levels teach your child how to stay safe in the water and begin to develop their swimming skills.


An introductory swimming level that teaches your child the basics of pool safety, going underwater, and gliding on their front and back.

Register for Otter


In this level, your child will further develop the skills of gliding, kicking, and submerging.

Register for Seal


Your child will be introduced to swimming on their front, back, and underwater.

Register for Dolphin


Kids learn front and back crawl, and how to tread water. At this level, they will have achieved a solid foundation of swimming skills and be able to front swim for a distance of 25 metres.

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Star Levels and Leadership Program (Ages 7+)

Star Levels 1–4 help children continue to build on skills learned in the Learn to Swim program and introduce other aspects of swimming such as water sports and lifesaving.

Stars 5–7 make up the YMCA Star Leadership Program where swimmers develop first aid, lifesaving, and advanced swimming skills. Successful Star 7 participants will be able to seamlessly move into Bronze Star or Bronze Medallion.

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Youth Swimfit (Ages 13–17)

Youth can develop swimming techniques with coached workouts working on endurance, stroke development and extras such as flip turns and starting blocks.

This is not for learning to swim. Minimum requirements are the ability to complete 50m front crawls, back crawl and breaststroke or completion of our Star 4 lessons.

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Junior Lifeguard Club (Ages 8-14)

Junior lifeguard club provides a great bridge from star level programs into advanced aquatic courses such as Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross. This program will teach swimmers the building blocks of essential lifesaving skills and first aid knowledge as well as encouraging them to build endurance and confidence in the water.

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Youth/ Adult Group Lessons (Ages 15+)

Beginner 1

This level is designed for youth and adults who are lacking confidence in the water. 

The instructor will help participants become more confident in the water by helping to develop the basic building blocks needed for swimming. You will start to learn stroke techniques such as breath control, buoyancy, flutter kick and water safety.

Beginner 2

This level is designed for youth and adults who are able to comfortably swim metres unassisted and are looking to start perfecting their swim strokes, such as back/front crawl. Through the lessons, the instructor will help develop foundational swim strokes and endurance. 

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Not sure which level your child is in?

View your child’s latest report card using their membership number or visit the facility for an assessment during public swim times.

Kelowna Family Y Report Cards

H2O Report Cards

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Important Information

Make sure your child slides smoothly into their lesson by staying informed about how to prepare and what to do when you arrive.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to those of any age or skill level who want to benefit from personalized one-on-one or small group swimming instruction.

Call 250-491-9622 or visit your centre of choice to register.

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Lifeguard Certifications

Prepare to save lives as a lifeguard or pass your knowledge on to others as a swim instructor. Graduates of the Star Leadership Program can make a seamless transition into lifesaving courses.

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A Young Hero

At the age of 9, Alexis was already equipped with the knowledge and training she needed to rescue a child who had fallen into a backyard pool.

Become a Lifeguard

Certification as a lifeguard or swim instructor can lead to a rewarding, fun job where you’ll develop leadership skills that will set you up for the future.

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