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When we are active, all aspects of life are better

Staying active can improve your life mentally and emotionally as well as physically. And working your muscles with a motivating group of peers adds a healthy social element. Our certified YMCA instructors lead a variety of classes for all fitness abilities.

Ready to get moving?

Select a schedule below to browse all classes at your centre of choice. Please keep in mind that only members can attend group fitness classes at this time.

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Class Descriptions

Please note that some classes may not be currently scheduled. Please check the schedules above for class days and times.

+ Aqua

Add variety to your fitness program through an aquatic fitness class. Aqua improves circulation, strength, balance, core stability and range of motion. The weightless feeling of being suspended in the water not only makes the movements fun, but also creates an impact-free environment that protects your joints.

Gentle Aqua: uses the water to strengthen weak muscles and bring mobility back to injured or arthritic joints. This class is ideal for people with chronic pain, various health conditions, or those wanting to build strength before or after surgery. All levels are welcome.

Intro Aqua: is great for beginners or those new to an aquatic environment. All abilities are welcome.

Shallow Aqua: is done in 4 feet of water. The ability to touch the floor will help you to feel more supported, and the movements may feel more familiar to what you may do in a non-aquatic fitness class.

Deep Aqua: uses a flotation belt to make it easier for you to remain buoyant. The movements in this class are unique as they can only be done while floating.

Prenatal Aqua: is offered as part of the free Prenatal Wellness Program and features exercise that accomodate your fitness level and baby bump.

+ Barre

Barre is a unique class that incorporates ballet movements. Improve your posture, increase your flexibility and strengthen your shoulders, legs and core. This class includes the use of light weights. Instructors will offer modifications so you can progress at any level.

+ Bootcamp

Challenge yourself in a high-intensity circuit workout that uses your own body weight and a variety of fitness equipment to work cardio and increase your core strength, balance, coordination, and body awareness. Modifications are available.

Intro Bootcamp: for those new too bootcamp, this is a great place to start.

Intense Bootcamp: takes your workout to the next level. This class will encourage you to push your limits.

+ Core

This class is dedicated to strengthening your abdominal and gluteal muscles with targeted movements and cardio. Though the focus is on core muscles, your quadriceps and hamstrings will also be activated.

+ Cycle

This cycling experience mimics a variety of road rides and cycling drills that are aerobic, fun and guaranteed to make you sweat! You’ll strengthen your major muscles in your legs and—your most important muscle—your heart.

Intro Cycle: is a shorter class focused on proper posture and an introduction to various drills.

Intense Cycle: takes your cycle class up a notch by conquering gritty hill climbs, intense sprints and exhilarating finishes.

+ Fit for Life

Maintain and improve full body strength, mobility, and balance in a safe environment using chairs for modifications and support. Exercises with various equipment aim to assist daily living and independence.

Fit for Life 50+: is designed to help keep older adults strong, healthy and independent.

+ Group Power®

Strength training is essential to staying healthy, and Group Power® can be adapted to just about everyone’s fitness level. Using an adjustable barbell, weight plates and your body weight, you will combine squats, lunges, presses and curls to make you fitter and stronger.

+ Group Strength

This class helps add variety into your total body strength regimen. Using a combination of free weights, body weight, exercise balls, bands, BOSUs, multiple training methods, and musical timing, we work on every major muscle in this fun and motivating atmosphere.

Intro Group Strength: is a less intense, 30-minute class for those who are just getting started.

Group Strength 50+: is an effective and safe fitness program for older adults that's designed to keep you strong, active and independent both at the gym and in daily life.

Intense Group Strength: cranks it up a notch so you can challenge yourself with an intense class.

+ Intense Intervals

Intense Intervals is an interval class—a set of exercises followed by a shorter set of rest—based on Tabata training. Intervals are a great way to maximize benefits in the least amount of time. This high-intensity class is good for immediate to advanced fitness levels and is designed to improve your cardio and strength in minutes.


LIFT is a barbell strength training workout designed to strengthen your muscles, improve your endurance and improve your bone health. This class combines traditional strength training exercises with full-body, leading-edge exercises using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, body weight, a step, inspirational music, and expert coaching. This total body workout will burn calories, sculpt your entire body, increase core strength and improve bone health.

+ Small Group Training

Experience a personal training session in a small group setting. This class has a maximum of 4 people, to make sure that each participant gets the attention that they need.

This full-body workout is flexible, with modifications available to make the exercises more or less challenging. With a different workout every time, there is ample opportunity to try something new.

+ Step

Experience a fun, energetic routine that incorporates a simple series of movements set to upbeat music. Different fitness levels are easily accommodated through the adjustable step height. Keep the step low for a workout that’s easy on the joints, or raise the step to challenge yourself as your body strengthens.

Step/Strength: uses weights and balls to create step and strength intervals and is much less choreographed than a regular step class.

+ Stretch and Roll

Using foam rollers, learn self-myofascial release techniques to massage away muscle tension, knots and improve flexibility and range of motion.

Try this class to stretch after a strenuous workout, to “pre-stretch” tendons and ligaments, or to just feel good.

+ TRX®

Train for function! Focusing on strength and stability, the TRX® Suspension System uses ropes and webbing to leverage gravity and your body weight in a fast, effective, total-body workout. Your core is activated through every position, helping to correct your posture. By utilizing different angles and depths, you can maintain full control over how challenging your workout is.

+ Yoga

Yoga combines traditional poses, breathing, and basic meditation techniques to reduce stress, and increase strength, flexibility, and your overall well-being. Various equipment may be used (blocks, straps, bolsters, foam rollers, exercise balls, etc.). Beginners are always welcome.

Intro Yoga: mindfully explores basic yoga poses with emphasis on proper body alignment and breathing. This class is appropriate for anyone regardless of age, flexibility, and previous yoga experience.

Chair Yoga: uses a chair for assistance, poses are modified to improve strength, balance, and mobility. Other benefits include focusing on mindfulness, posture, and breathing. This class is open to all abilities with chair options for each pose.

Prenatal Yoga: is offered as part of the free Prenatal Wellness Program and features postures that are easily modified depending on your fitness level and baby bump.

+ Zumba®

Zumba is a cardio class that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training—alternating fast and slow rhythms.

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