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A vibrant, healthy community is one in which everyone feels a sense of belonging and connection.

At the YMCA, that often means stepping forward with a new program or service to address specific and unique needs in the communities we serve. The following programs assist vulnerable children and families at no cost to them, but would not be able to continue without the support of donations and other funding.

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girl getting help with her homework at YMCA Beyond the Bell

YMCA Beyond the Bell

By focusing on prevention, the YMCA Beyond the Bell program provides at-risk children in Grades 1–5 with the additional help and attention they need to succeed in their academic studies, build relationships and improve their capacity to grow and learn.

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Children and donors pose with large cheque at H2O

YMCA Okanagan Swims

Drowning is a leading cause of preventable death in children, yet not every child knows how to swim. The YMCA Okanagan Swims program provides free access to emergency water safety lessons for all third-grade children in School District 23.

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child with glasses eats yogurt and carrots

YMCA Healthy Snack Program

Many kids in our child care programs come hungry because their families struggle to afford regular meals. Donors are making a difference by providing over 100,000 healthy snacks that keep these children nourished and ready to learn.

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A close up photo of a young mother with brown eyes and dark red hair holding a three month old baby in a white shirt.

YMCA Young Parent Program and Child Care

This community program provides parents under the age of 20 with the fundamental tools they need to thrive, including quality child care, parenting education, life skills training, connections to critical resources and a supportive community.

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mom, baby and friend in child play area

Nobody’s Perfect parenting program

The Nobody’s Perfect parenting program assists parents who are young, single, isolated, low-income or have limited formal education. Parents can share real-life experiences and learn about child development, safety, health and behaviour.

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YMCA Alternative Suspension

School dropout is a national crisis. School suspensions and other disciplinary measures are early indicators of a student’s potential to disengage from school. This program is designed to counter these risk factors by offering participants an opportunity to turn their time away from school into a positive experience that fosters personal growth and autonomy.

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We are a local charity determined to build a healthy and thriving community. Whether it’s homework help for vulnerable kids, mindfulness strategies for youth, or heart health programs for seniors, see the range of who and how we are helping individuals at all ages and stages.