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A young professional woman with dark hair is smiling at the camera and holding an older YMCA child’s bucket hat in one hand, and a photo of herself as a child in an old YMCA program advertisement in the other.

Jennifer Meyer's Story

The Y played an integral role in my childhood As a kid, I only ever saw the Y as a source of pure fun and joy, but as an adult, I see just how much more opportunity it provides. The Y empowers single moms, like my own, to build the lives they want for their families.
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An older gentleman with grey hair and a blue t shirt is hovering in a pushup over a blue mat in a gym, and smiling at the camera.

Free Active Living Program Targets Downtown Seniors

The Kelowna Downtown YMCA is providing innovative solutions to help seniors start, and stick with, an active routine. They are offering a free one-month membership along with an evidence-based health coaching program, Small Steps for Big Changes, a one-on-one health counselling program. 
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A young man with short black thin dreadlocks in a brown sweater is smiling at the camera in front of a teal board with mathematical equations scribbled on it.

How Mindfulness Transformed my Everyday Life

When I first moved to Canada as an international student my mental health absolutely plummeted. I originally grew up in Uganda and went to boarding school in Kenya and the United Kingdom, so I knew most of the same people my entire life and grew up with a very close group of friends.
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A young blonde man in a blue shirt and a wheelchair is smiling at the camera and holding a basketball in a gymnasium. There's an 8 year old girl holding the back handles of the chair also smiling at the camera.

Empowering Kids Through Sports

Brandon’s Y is Sports Sports have given me so much throughout my lifetime. I’ve gained friends, a season of junior hockey, tournament trips around the world, and most importantly, mental strength and the means to adapt to life in a wheelchair.
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We are a local charity determined to build a healthy and thriving community. Whether it’s homework help for vulnerable kids, mindfulness strategies for youth, or heart health programs for seniors, see the range of who and how we are helping individuals at all ages and stages.