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Twenty-five years ago, I was happily working full-time as a nurse when I was suddenly diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease. The pain had become so intense that I couldn’t work and had to go on medical disability. 

My doctor recommended regular, low-impact exercise, combined with rest and diet to manage my symptoms. I’d never been a gym person, but I knew that I needed a structured exercise program or I wouldn’t stick with it, so I decided to try the Kelowna Family Y. Right away, I knew that Aqua Fit was perfect for me.

The atmosphere, energy, and the support of the instructor and everyone in the class kept me coming back. 

Unfortunately, a few years later, I developed severe arthritis as well. At times, the pain was so intense that I could hardly lift an arm to eat or brush my hair. Between 2006 and 2022, I also had to have both of my knees and shoulders replaced. 

Two women are wearing workout clothes and walking an indoor track at a gym. They are smiling at each other, one is a YMCA staff member with dark hair, the other is a member with white hair.


I knew the surgeries would be difficult and that my best chance at a full recovery would be getting in great shape ahead of time. I came to the Y before each surgery and worked with a trainer to strengthen the muscles around my joints. It was hard work, but the exercise and the encouragement of the trainers made me feel confident when I went in for the surgery, and I knew what to expect when I came out. 

Like many people on disability, there was no way I could afford this type of membership and training at other gyms, and I couldn’t have done all the pre- and post-surgery exercises at home. Fortunately, I qualified for the Y’s financial assistance program, and could join at a price that fit my budget. It was such a relief to know that I could consistently afford my membership. Seeing all the familiar faces and knowing they were there encouraging me and propping me up – on good days and crappy ones! – kept me going and really helped with my recovery. 

I originally came to the Y to find a way to manage pain after my Lupus diagnosis 25 years ago but I found so much more! Today I’m still friends with people I met at that first Aqua Fit class, my bionic joints are in good shape, and the Y has become a routine part of my life. 

Now, when I come to the Y I know I’ll see friends and people of all ages and walks of life – little kids playing, swimming or dancing, moms and dads watching and smiling, teenagers playing basketball, and the grey-haired group doing Fit for Life – all set to a soundtrack of great music and laughter. And there are never any tears – except maybe when the little ones realize it’s time to leave.

The positive energy in that building just makes everything easier to deal with. 

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