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The Y is growing!

And with this growth comes some exciting plans along with a new name to better reflect the communities we serve, and plan to serve, outside the Okanagan.

The YMCA of Okanagan is now officially the YMCA of Southern Interior BC.

As a local charity, our Y mission to build healthier communities for all will continue, and programs currently running throughout the Okanagan area will remain.

The below FAQ provides more details on this change.

Why is your name changing?

We are growing! This change is being made to better reflect the communities we currently serve and prepare for future growth. A big part of our 2026 Strategic Plan is to reach new communities and serve more individuals in new ways. As we continue to grow, it is important that our name is representative of the communities we are in, outside of the Okanagan.

Are you planning to move any current operations?

No. This name change will not impact the important work our teams are currently doing, or the current geographical areas we are serving.

Will you still be based in the Okanagan?

Yes, our headquarters will remain in Kelowna, and we are excited to continue to serve the Okanagan as we have for the past 40+ years

What does this mean for staff, volunteers, donors, members and participants?

This will not affect our operations. It is simply our name that is changing.

Will the web address still work? What is your new web address?

Yes. The web address, will continue to work; however, our new web address will be Both will take you to the same place.

I see your name is changed in some places but not in others. Is it all the same Y?

Yes. You can expect to see both names in our community for a time as we work to transition our name to the YMCA of Southern Interior BC. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Will there also be a shorter name for your organization?

Yes. You will likely see YMCA SIBC or YMCA of Southern Interior used in some instances.

Will log in information change for any YMCA apps or online services?

No. This shouldn't affect any of your services with us. But if you have any questions or unexpected complications please do not hesitate to contact us.

What geographic region will you cover?

The Southern Interior has been defined, for this purpose, to include Merritt and Princeton to the west, south to the US Border, east to the Alberta boarder and south of Highway 1 including Salmon Arm.