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Personal training isn't just for bulking up for fitness competitions

Personal training should be just that, personal. Working with a certified personal trainer, you can create a unique plan that suits your goals and your lifestyle. Personal training can encourage exercise adherence through accountability and movement comprehension. 
YMCA Personal Trainers are skilled, experienced and ready to assist you on your fitness journey. Trainer’s will facilitate growth in wellness and fitness understanding to take your health to the next level... whatever that level may be!
With packages starting as low as $80, it makes sense to invest in your health at the YMCA. Personal Training is only available to members (ages 10+). The pricing is in addition to your membership fee.

​Personal Training Packages 

  • 1 Session - $80 + GST
    • For someone who wants help coming up with a basic routine to achieve their health goals.
  • 4 Sessions - $240 + GST
    • For someone who is comfortable with regular exercise but is interested in learning new types of exercises and wants to take their workouts to the next level.
  • 8 Sessions - $460 + GST
    • For someone who really enjoys coming to the YMCA to work out but could use that extra push of motivation and support during their workouts. 
  • 12 Sessions - $670 + GST 
    • For someone who is ready to make a commitment and understands how beneficial it will be to work with a trainer on a regular basis. 
  • 24 Sessions - $1150 + GST 
    • For someone who is ready to make a commitment to a long term training program and would like the best valued training package available. 

To register, please call 250-491-9622 ext 211.