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Before our world changed, our long-time Y volunteer and member, Alyson, was teaching at least one fitness class a week out of the H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre near her home. Once COVID-19 became an increased risk in our community, she didn’t know what she would do without this regular part of her life, and without the social interactions she came to know and love.

“You know when people say you should do something that feeds you… I just get fed so much through my volunteer teaching at the Y,” explains Alyson. “Helping other people is an amazing feeling.”

Alyson has been a member of the YMCA operated H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre for 10 years and 2020 is her 5th year volunteering. She has taught Aquafit, Yoga, Kick Boxing and now, most recently Barre through the Y and has loved every moment.

“Shortly after moving to Kelowna we became members at H2O, and since I was there all the time, I was happy to volunteer,” says Alyson. “I have taught classes since I was in my youth but was able to re-certify through the Y and it was really good for me. It was a way to meet people, stay active and give back all in one.”

Alyson at a resort

Alyson describes herself as a gym person as well as an avid traveler, often teaching classes all over the world, so this shift to social distancing and remaining at home has been a big change for her.

Alyson doing yoga

In order to remain healthy in mind, body and spirit, and maintain some structure and routine in her life, she has been teaching classes through Zoom to some of her local and international students. She has been grateful for the social interaction and motivation to stay healthy and active herself. Because Alyson loves and misses her Y community members so much, she may event teach some “special feature” LIVE classes through our Facebook and Instagram channels in the future if time permits!

Her passion and commitment for our Y is commendable we cannot wait to welcome her, along with all of you, back when we are able to resume our local YMCA services.

Thank you, Alyson, for continuing to share your time and talents to make our local and broader community as healthy as it can be.