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We bridge the gap between surviving and thriving.

Whether you are aiming to run a marathon or simply find a job, the Y empowers individuals at all ages and stages of development. As a local charity, everything we do—from our preventative health programs, to our employment programs for those with Autism, to our afterschool programs—helps community members reach their fullest potential.

We don’t focus on the basic physiological needs of those who are struggling, but the needs we all share for safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization.

This is our approach to prevent at-risk individuals from falling, lift up those who are already down, and help everyone thrive, no matter their definition of the term.

See how we are making an impact, and who we are helping in the video below. 
Financial Statements

View 2021 Financial Statements (PDF)

Thank you to our generous donors.

A list of those who donated $100 and above in 2021 will be posted here soon.