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Land a job as a lifeguard and swim instructor

The YMCA is excited to offer this funded program for individuals ages 16–30 who are interested and passionate about becoming a certified lifeguard. This program is only available to residents of the Okanagan region.

Course descriptions and high school credit details can be found on the Lifeguard Certifications page.

Inquiry Form

To start the process, please complete the form below. The YMCA will determine your needs and eligibility, and contact you for an information session.

Are you between the ages of 16–30?
Where did you hear about this program?
How would you rate your swimming ability?
Which certifications do you currently hold?
When are you available to complete certification courses and training?
Are you currently attending school?
Are you currently employed?
How many hours are you currently working per week?
How many hours are you available to work as a lifeguard once you have completed your certifications?
How committed are you to becoming employed as a result of this program?
I am certain that I have the interest and availability to start working as soon as possible.
I would like to start working if it aligns with my other responsibilities.
I would like more information before I commit to employment.
How involved are you with the YMCA?
I am or have been a member of a health, fitness and aquatics facility operated by the YMCA.
I've participated in programs run by the YMCA.
I have volunteered with the YMCA.
I have worked for the YMCA.
I haven't been involved with the YMCA before.
Explain your experience below or leave blank if you have no related experience.
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This project is funded by the Government of Canada's Youth Employment and Skills Strategy. Canada logo